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Andrzej Kłosiński - psychologist graduated in 1988 with M.A. from the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland. From 1992 to 1994 I did postgraduate study in Health Service Management/Hospital Administration at the School of Publiic Health of the Jagiellonian University Collegium Medicum in Cracow, Poland. For several years he  worked as clinical psychologist and psychoterapist in Cracow Center for Treating Neurosis.

2004-2005 - diploma course in Centre of Applied Pet Ethology in UK under the supervision of dr Peter Neville. 2005 - Diploma Companion Animal Behaviour and Training (COAPE) accredited by the National Open College Network of the United Kingdom. Member of COAPE Association of Companion Animal Behaviour Practitioners and Affiliates. Member of Polish Ethological Society.

Andrew holds a masters degree in human psychology and worked for many years as a professional psychotherapist in Poland. As a result, he developed a great interest in the human-companion animal bond and began studying, and then working as a companion animal behaviour therapist in 1999. He successfully completed his COAPE Diploma in 2005 and duly qualified as a COAPE practitioner in 2007.

Andrew treats feline and canine behaviour problems on a daily basis, as well as lecturing on animal behaviour and presenting seminars on behaviour therapy throughout Poland. He also writes regularly for the leading Polish dog magazine, Moj Pies, and for veterinary magazines and journals, and he is widely consulted by the Polish media on companion animal issues.

Andrew established the AmiChien Behaviour Practice in 2000 with his partners, and together they now offer a wide range of both practical and theoretical education programmes in Poland, many of which are also available for students anywhere in the world who wish to study in Polish. Amichien’s course range includes licensed COAPE correspondence courses and the residential COAPE Advanced Diploma which was first presented in Poland 2008 with huge success.